Monday, July 6, 2009

a marriage in pictures....

seven years ago today:

six years ago today:

2 months later:

4 years ago today...well...give or take a few days:

at the end of 2006:

and the beginning of 2007:

a long time before all of this:

this time last year:

this time last month:

my face when i got the seven year itch last week:

and saturday, handsomely surrounded by firework smoke:

happy anniversary, mr. hartley. here's to us. and at least sixty more years of pictures.

L O V E Y O U.


babybloomr said...

YAY! 60 more years and a couple more sets of twins, whaddya say?!
Congrats to you and the Mister.

Randy said...


You've got a lot to be proud of...

Happy Marriage...


Two Wonderful Sons...


Shea Brock said...

congratulations mr and mrs

Dusty Brown said...

I love this entry!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Very cool Emily. What a great post.

Happy Happy Anniversary! July is the best month to get married in! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet!

Your card is in the mail!

LOL to the both of you!

Andi and Jim

Mysticiris said...

Fun Memories!!!