Friday, January 16, 2009


I have a long running joke with my husband that the world would be a completely different place if Michael Hutchence had never passed away.

Except I don't really think its funny, I completely stand behind my statement. I'm pretty sure that if he were still around, Katy Perry would have never gotten famous, America's economy would still be in fantastic shape, and I'd be getting paid more for substitute teaching.

Here's my proof:

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

I can totally agree with the "Katy Perry" part. And the rest of your blog. I'm feel that same way about Freddie Mercury. :(

i'm the mama said...

It would have been worth it JUST for Katy Perry. *barf*

My mom was SUCH and INXS fan when I was younger. I can still remember her working out to them in her scrunch socks and leggings.

Bona Fide Mama said...

You know, I'd never really realized it but my life did start to go down hill even worse after that dreadful night when my "boy friend" (friend who was a boy) that I spent every waking moment with went inside of his dorm room to get something, left me in the car with the radio on, and while he was gone, I heard the horrible announcement that Michael was dead. My first Michael love (there were so many after that: Kiser, Stipe, Myers, Jones) was gone. And life was never the same.

shea said...